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Man "Anadrol 50" recounts surviving Wyoming grizzly attack

In this Sept. 22 photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Society, grizzly bear Veronica is shown at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

The two had been part of a larger hunting party that included the Wells' father, another brother and family friends.

"While the others had seen elk and heard bugling, I hadn't seen anything in three days," Kenneth said. "On Saturday night I said "Anadrol 50" around the fire, 'I sure would like to see something; I don't care if it's an elk or a moose or a grizzly.'

"And it happened the next day. I saw something, and it was a lot closer than I thought it would ever be."

On Saturday, one member of the party had taken an elk at a wallow about 13 miles upstream of the camp.

"At 12:15, we hear a whoof and stomps," Kenneth said. 'We thought, 'We got a crazed bull elk in the rut,' and it was close."

But it wasn't an elk. It was a grizzly bear, investigating the brothers' decoy.

"As I saw her, I then saw her two cubs right behind her. At that instant, she turned and saw me," Mark said. "It took me but half a second to realize the game was on.

"I said, 'Kenneth, it's a bear.' I began to retreat out of the blind, knowing I needed some space to get to my spray."

The moment his brother said it was a Buy Cheap Jintropin Online bear, Kenneth stood up. By the time he did, the bear had closed the distance between herself and Testosterone Cypionate Blood Clots the brothers.

"All I Gensci Jintropin could see was gray hair and "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" black eyes," Turinabol Nasil Kenneth said. "I didn't notice that her mouth was open, didn't see teeth or anything. I just remember a big head and two black eyes.

"I had three or four seconds. I immediately dove out of the blind toward Mark and went into the fetal position."

As soon as he hit the ground, Kenneth could feel the burn of the bear's teeth in his right side. But the pressure lasted for just a moment as a torrent of bear spray hit the animal directly on the face.

"The spray just hit her dead on," Mark said. "She turned and wheeled, and I followed her with my spray, like you would a dog with a hose. She had gone back through the blind, back up the hill, and by the time I got up the hill she was 30 yards away on a dead run with the cubs chasing her."

The incident lasted no more than 20 seconds. It happened so fast that it wasn't until Kenneth, still lying on the ground, said, "She got me," that Mark finally felt fear.

"Right then, we realized: 'Thank God, this thing's over,'" he said.

The brothers returned to their camp covered in bear spray and with Kenneth sporting a quarter sized puncture wound in his right side.

Upon their return, they found that several of the party's horses had wandered off. So they hiked all the way back to their trailhead and drove into Dubois, only to Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg Per Week find the clinic there had closed a half hour earlier.